On our Resource pages you can find:

VACMS Newsletters 

General Resources for Math Specialists

Virginia’s Mathematics Specialist Initiative: Overview of Program and Course Annotated Syllabi for Preparing Mathematics Specialists

Math Specialist Handbook

Suggestions for Effective Coaching and Feedback

List of Mathematics Instructional Professional Development Videos

Quick Reference for Links to the VDOE Website Pages

Improving Learning in Proficiency "Gap Groups " Power Point and Quick Reference Guides

"Controversial Issues" in Mathematics Education

Fall Conference 2018 Resources

Coming soon!

Fall Conference 2017 Resources

VACMS 2017 Fall Conference Program

Keynote Presentation

Conference Breakout Session Presentations

Fall Conference 2016 Resources

VACMS 2016 Fall Conference Program

Department of Education Presentations

Conference Breakout Session Presentations


Southwest Virginia Outreach Conference 2016

VACMS 2016 SWVA  Conference Agenda

Conference Presentations 


 Fall Conference 2015 Resources

VACMS 2015 Fall Conference Program

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Conference Presentations


Winter Conference 2014 Resources

VACMS 2014 Winter Conference Program

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Conference Presentations





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